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вторник, 8 января 2019 г.
say boom 12:13:52
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суббота, 5 января 2019 г.
Zеmfirа Crystal 19:33:32
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среда, 2 января 2019 г.
beauty is in the eye of the gazer Pози 15:35:16
­­When I was a little younger, I still had some invented parameters of beautiful people. I had imaginary depictions of both men and women, but within time, they completely disappeared, and I was left with nothing. The adjectives “pretty” or “handsome” referring to people seemed to me so simple to define a few years ago. However, I came to the conclusion that it is not quite so.
I’m only human though, so I still have preferences. I absolutely love dark-haired smiley people with pale skin and light-colored eyes. Actually, I think blue and green eyes are most charming, but it does not mean there is no option for a cute guy with brown eyes, or a blonde one to make me fall in love. That is more than possible if he is intelligent, generous, has a sense of humour, a low voice and speaks a few foreign languages. The only rule is that he should not be normal in that “general understanding” of this adjective — he should be unique, handmade. Such people can be recognized by the manner of writing, by knocking on the door, by laughter or by words they use most often. I like people who bring color to life, decorate it, and brighten up your dull Mondays or whatever.
I believe that “beauty” is a relative concept, and people have different ideas about it not only in relation to each other, but also in relation to themselves in different segments of life. That is a mystery to me. Even if I think I have that “idea of a pretty person”, I might run into someone, that is not really “my type”, but looks absolutely magnificent to me.
So as for me, I am now the kind of person who sees the beauty in everything and everyone. I’m trying to see the advantages and ignore the drawbacks, unless a person points them out him- or herself. I am of the opinion that the beauty of a human being consists of little things. That is not only about a perfect figure, enormous startling blue eyes, or even perfect white teeth. The first thing that catches the eye of each of us is, of course, appearance, but it is so damn little to appreciate the "beauty", and it can mean nothing if a person has no charisma! This is such an uncanny thing, which can brighten up even the most boring appearance. Charismatic people are somewhat magnetic. They perform the simplest actions in their own individual way, so you just want to watch him or her doing anything.
To sum up, I’d love to say that a person should be “beautiful”. And it is not about facial features, it is about the impression. I do not like boring, predictable people; I do not like typical, correct sickeners. I like people who are not afraid to wear strange clothes, say weird things, be loud — who are not afraid of anything at all – these are people, who look pretty to me.

Категории: • Размышления
воскресенье, 23 декабря 2018 г.
Alex + Dezember Pози 09:53:32
­­ ­­
Magisch, особенно когда выходишь в восемь вечера после пары с лучшим мальчиком. <3
Жаль, что он уезжает сегодня. "Вас мне будет... как это... не хватить?"
Нам тебя тоже будет не хватить, Алекс, очень не хватить. Эх.

Мы знаем, что ты не тактильный, но иди обниматься.

Спасибо за еще большую любовь к немецкому. Это очень важно.

Музыка Ohrbooten - Und Tsch ss!
Категории: • Учеба
11:35:17 avery sinclair
13:17:32 Pози
Уехал кот. :с
суббота, 1 декабря 2018 г.
Искусительницa 18:16:20
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четверг, 29 ноября 2018 г.
Марми. 20:57:29
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turn the pain into power > Записи друзей > Записи пользователей

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